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Capella University CollegeNET

I would like to acknowledge all people who are contributed and helped in this project. Those who are supported, feedback, and guide during my develop project which will be to change the infrastructure of Miami-Dade College for a better results for all. It is very important to mention all who believe in this project and supported me.

Special thanks for the following people who believe in me.

Dr. Brian K. Robinson (stakeholder) who has encouraged me on each work concerning this project, his positive attitude, his evaluations, his time that he has spent with me. His support about the project as it is going on. He has given feedback where he has always confident and believe in this project, and believe in me. Thank you, and I donít have a perfect words for fitting for you. Just, I can say the only one thing to you is Thank you for trusting me.

Dr. Sharon L. Bender who has helped and gave me guidance, and a constructive feedback. She has made a true, I have acquired a really real life learning experience. Her support that she has offered at any time it has been all over expectations, she has been concerned about me, and of course, the rest of the learners for succeeding this project. Once again, thank you Dr. Bender, I donít find the perfect words for writing about you, as a teacher, as a human being, you made impress me. I donít have the fit words for you. The only thing that I can say you is Thank you.

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