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Capella University CollegeNET

I wish to dedicate this project to my friend who has encourage me, and trusted me any time, his name is Carlos E. Gerez. Also, my husband and my sons who too encouraged me to complete the project, and obtain my Bachelorís Degree.

I would like to dedicate this project to the stakeholder, Dr. Brian K. Robinson, and all committee members; Robin Courtright, Gary Gosnell, Harold Harper; E.H. Levering, Rolando Montoya, Chris Moran, Joy Ruff, Rona Stanton, Gabriel Yanni, Hank Klein, Martha Garrity, Jackie Lyons, Carmen Liriano, Richard White, Pauline Chohonis, Jose Lozano; William Hornagay, Jefferson Miller, Michael Antoine, Edgar Arias, Enrique Calixto, Damian Cardoso, Carlo Cappellini, Alex Garcia, Traci Henderson, Jeffrey Morales, Evelio Sardinas, Rita Weber, Engineers Ted Silverman, Mark Goesel, Alex Ariza; and Mohammed Hassan; Dr. Kip Irvin, and Felix Geere who are trusted in this new redesigned network project and they have helped me to finish with successful. In addition, I wish that the infrastructure of this project will be facilitated more the network in all campuses of Miami-Dade College. But the special thanks to Dr. Brian K. Robinson who always gave me his support in this project.

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