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Capella University

Implementation of a Network Plan
for Miami-Dade College

Christine Pena

TS4991 & TS4992 Integrated Action Learning I - Project Planning and Action Learning Plan

Instructor, Dr. Sharon L. Bender

March 13, 2005

Project Description:
My IAL project is the development and implementation of a new and redesigned Network Plan for Miami Dade College. In a preliminary investigation this plan will serve as a guideline for the college-wide network services department and focus on incremental upgrade and replacement of an old and inefficient network providing support for as many as tens of thousands of workstations and remote access users located at five large fixed facilities spanning Miami-Dade county with provisions for supporting dozens of temporary "Outreach learning centers." The new redesigned Network will be capable of vastly improved performance and modular scalability across all sites both permanent and temporary across the county.