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Capella University CollegeNET
Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 1

Unit 1 - TS4992

Christine Pena
Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 1: 01/04/05


Task 1: Research and implement (examples of other college plans and our previous plan)

Task 2: Investigate potential issues and research former issues in the network plan for a community college. The research has been humungous, but fruitful because I have found material for comparing and later, after reviewing all of it, I will apply the best Network Plan for helping the students, faculty/staff and for better accomplishment of the network itself. After years of planning with only few results in Miami-Dade College, I have decided to do something for a clear understanding of the process concerning this project. We can see soon the implementation, and the better results of it. I show the project plan that Miami Dade College has already planned. See the following website

1) I have found many resources for planning and implementing the new project, but these tasks will not be easier. Finally, all documentation, processes and procedures have been culminated in good terms. [Completed]

Major accomplishments:

2) Major goal has been completed, in clear, understanding; and easy way for all. We are continuing to update and redesign. [Completed]

3) Material for helping system administrator. [In Progress]

4) Identifying the staff who are involved in this project. [In Progress]

5) Dr. Robinson (stakeholder) has helped , advised, and reviewed the project [In Progress].

6) Schedule meetings - weekly meeting. [Ongoing]

7) Task 1 and Task 2 [Completed].


The important decision or step has been put in practice. But on the other hand, it makes me more conscious the important role that I am involved in and the people who are working very hard to be successful with it. I am not running into any major problems. The objectives and goals appear that they will conclude in due course with this project.


The feedback and help of Dr. Bender has been enormous. From Dr. Robinson, and other skilled staff, it has been important for continued success in the development of this project, the beneficiaries of it are the students, faculty/staff, and all community colleges.

1) What helpful feedback did you get in the class (instructor, classmates) and outside the class (user, stakeholder, beneficiary, mentor, expert advisor, others)? What did you learn from this feedback?

All of the people involved have been fine, we worked with all of the staff, and begin to use the proper equipment, systems, and software. The beneficiary of this project is Miami-Dade College, all stakeholders, staff/faculty, and students. Miami Dade College is being reorganized from a junior college to a four-year institution and will need to establish a high-performance network infrastructure and services that will support research and educational applications that are not viable on today's congested Internet. The participating proposal would be designed using Internet2 technology; which would become an integral part of the emerging Internet2. In addition, a gigapop and network management center will be constructed at the Miami Dade College, the convergence points for all phase one CollegeNet links. CollegeNet would be engineered to carry not only high bandwidth research traffic, but also commodity traffic destined for the commercial Internet. The State of Florida does not have a dedicated intranet for higher education facilities leaving the burden of the hardware and software networking requirements to the individual institutions. Obtaining WAN connectivity from a variety of providers, has led to a number of problems including unpredictable bandwidth, propagation and network performance into the commercial Internet. With the creation of CollegeNet, both sets of issues will be addressed. CollegeNet would provide an intranet to support current and emerging high bandwidth research applications, while at the same time providing an architecture that will be capable of carrying the institutions' Internet traffic.

2) What resources did you use this week (e.g., people, money, equipment, systems, or software)? Did you add new resources? What was your learning?

The literature that has been assisted this week is the following:

Bender, S. L. (2003). Producing the capstone project. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

I have learned in general in producing this project more confidence, because I am supported by many faculties, and staffs. Who are encouraged me to continue with this project.

3) What research did you perform this week that was assisting and/or literature based? What is your findings/learning?

Another resources that has been helped are the following:

These tips and articles provide a reference for the information technology project manager's needs and support staff traveling to, starting up, and working on remote, dispersed or virtual projects. Between tips and articles for success in projects and the basic management skills (IEE) provides and shows the path for developing and implementing a successful project.

(a)TenStep Project Management Process. (2004, October). 7.2.1 Manage Risk / Risk Factors. TenStep, Inc. Retrieved November 4, 2004, from

(b)St. Paul College Technology Master Plan 2002-2005. (n.d.) Retrieved November 4, 2004, from

(c) Metropolitan State University Information Technology 2003 - 2005 IT Master Plan. (n.d.). Retrieved November 4, 2004, from

The last three websites (a,b,c) are examples of a guideline for the planning process. After reviewing each one, I could pre-select and tell which is easier or more comprehensive or best suited for the particular solution for the end user.

4) What did you learn this week in general in producing your project?

I have learned every time that I am searching or asking for any particular solution.


What did you learn this week in general in producing your project?

1) What went well this week? What didnít?

I did go on schedule, and in advance. With all information that I have obtained, could explain more in the meetings. The reviewing material is imperative for successful this project.

2) How well did you stick to your project schedule?

The project is on track and I have anticipated completing the project in the timeframe.

3) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?

Yes, as required in this course.

4) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?

Hopefully, I will not need to resort to my contingency plan.

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