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Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 11 (Reflections)

Unit 11 (Reflections) - TS4991

Christine Pena Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 11: (Pending)
This section concerns my reflecting in the post project environment. I have incorporated this content into my IAL Project Final Report.

[Answer the questions below.]

1) What steps remain to be accomplished "after" concluding your project if any?

2) How will you announce the completion of your project?

3) How will you celebrate concluding your project?

4) How will you benefit from producing your project?

5) Who has been involved in your project (e.g., classmates, instructor, stakeholder, mentor, expert advisor, and users) and how will you thank them? [One way is to list them on your Acknowledgements page and send invitations to visit your project tracking website.]

6) Whom have you invited to visit your project tracking website during project production?

7) What did you learn in producing your project? [Provide a self-assessment of your learning from this course. Identify 3-5 ideas that you have gleaned from this course that you consider useful and give a brief rationale for each choice. Include in your rationale individual and team learning experiences and content knowledge gained from the course. Look back over your tracking data for major themes, etc.]

8) Concerning the Thinking Habits, how did you use the thinking habit of "Connected Seeing" to organize your project? Did "Constructing Meaning" come into play as you were implementing your project and how did this occur? Were there any areas of your project where you had to struggle to "clarify the meaning of concepts?" How did you resolve these ambiguities?

9) Overall, was your project a success in your view? [Explain.]

Please see my Acknowledgements and Dedications pages. I have provided a list of the individuals who I wish to acknowledge among the individuals who assisted me, and why. I have also identified to whom I wish to dedicate my project.

Copyright (C) 2004 Christine Pena ALL RIGHTS RESERVED