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Capella University CollegeNET
Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 2

Unit 2 - TS4992

Christine Pena
Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 2: 01/07/05 to 01/13/05


Task 3: Discuss and define the role and responsibilities the staff of Miami-Dade College (CIS, Engineering, and CNS Department) and plan an outline for implementation of the new network.

Task 4: Technical availability and analysis of findings, continue with more research, and retrieve other campus plans.

I continued to research and view more technology plans which are compared with my project and made a final decision.

Major accomplishments:

During the meetings I have discussed the role and responsibilities of the staff of all departments that are involved in this project. [Complete]

I continued analyzing and looking for more research for helping at this point. [Complete]

The goals have been accomplished and this project remains on schedule. [Ongoing]

I have reviewed with Dr. Robinson more resources and have given more responsibilities to the staff to continue with the trace plan. [Complete]

I have given the outline to the System Administrator and Chief of each department involved in order to continue with the primary project outline. [Complete]

I am sending e-mail for scheduling meetings to all people involved in this project. [In Progress]

Task 3 and Task 4 have been completed successfully.


The decision that I have taken was to make more participating all skillet staff, and sending it via e-mail to each one, including if they want to continue to participate in this project or not.


1) Well, the feedback continues to help me from all people who want to criticize in a constructive way for continuing with the project to be successful. Of course Dr. Bender has always helped with her feedback along with the help from Dr. Robinson and Ted Silverman. I have learned how to work in a huge team that includes all campuses.

2) The resources that I have used at that time have been software (MSOffice Word) for doing the outline and also I have given a copy to all chiefs of Department that are participating, and used the Internet for sending information and scheduling meetings via e-mail.
3) The literature that has assisted me are the following:

All resources have been approachable and benefit this project.

Mochal, Tom (2004). Six steps for selecting a project management software package. Retrieved November 4, 2004 from:
This article gives the solution on how we can choose the right project management software in our project. It also gives many helpful tips for producing a successful project.

Ptak, Noel & Associates/TechTarget webcast (2004) Best Practices for Systems and Network Management(White paper). Retrieved on November 1, 2004 from:

This article assists me in addressing and applying IT infrastructure to the solution of business problems. The best practices implementations are more effective and efficient in getting the necessary tasks done. A best practice according to the article can be as simple as a change in daily operations or also through documenting an automated service provisioning system. However, for system management, this involves reducing time for administrative tasks. Another important point that this resource offers is the time to go back and revise or reevaluate any related policy. The goal is to improve the performance of the administrative team. New technologies would encourage the project manager to rethink how we manage the infrastructure, because the regular review process would be able to identify areas for improvements or pinpoint inefficiencies within the system. Best practices arise from determining the right course for organization and management.

4) It gives a good impression of what is involved in the planning process and may give them a vision of what we will need to do.


1) What went well this week? What didnít?

I am continuing on schedule.

2) How well did you stick to your project schedule?

Excellent, the same as Unit 1.

3) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?

I have been very well prepared for concluding this project as required.

4) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?

Again, all went well and hopefully I will not have to resort to my contingency plans.

Copyright (C) 2004 Christine Pena ALL RIGHTS RESERVED