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Capella University CollegeNET
Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 3

Unit 3 - TS4991

Christine Pena
Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 3: 01/14/05 to 01/20/05


Task 1: Send out e-mail to all Miami-Dade College campuses users (faculty/staff) to give overview about the new network plan to be implemented and to invite them to participate in providing opinions and feedback, plan subcommittees, compile information packets with sample plans and information for all committee members for review prior to meeting.

Task 2: Schedule meetings discussing the new network plan that would be implemented and show the former network plan for comparisons (older and new plan). First meeting:

1)I have sent e-mail to a Committee members:
Courtright, Robyn Assoc. Director District-Kendall Purchasing
Gosnell, Gary Director Kendall Facilities Planning
Harper, Harold Director District-Kendall Applications Development
Levering, E. H. Interim Vice Provost District-Kendall Business Affairs
Montoya, Rolando Interim Dean Kendall Academic Affairs
Moran, Chris Vice Provost District-Kendall Facilities
Ruff, Joy Director District-Kendall EEO & Employee Relations
Stanton, Rona Project Analyst District-Kendall Quality Management
Yanni, Gabriel Assoc. Vice Provost District-Kendall Computer Services
Klein, Hank Liaison Board of Trustees
Martha Garrity Dean for Administration
Jackie Lyons ASTRA Coordinator
Carmen Liriano Senior Budget Clerk

Computer Information Systems & Design Technology
Jose Lozano Chairperson

Computer Information Systems Department (CIS)
Richard White Chairperson
Pauline Chohonis Asst. to the Chair

Engineering & Engineering Technology
Jose Lozano Chairperson
Antoine, Michel Network Technician/Coordinator
Arias, Edgar PC Technician
Calixto, Enrique and Cardoso, Damian Network Technician/Coordinator
Cappellini, Carlo Macintosh Support Technician
Garcia, Alex Administrative Network Manager
Henderson, Traci Director
Morales, Jeffrey Academic Network Manager
Sardinas, Evelio Client Support Manager
Weber, Rita Office Manager
Phd. Robinson, Brian Assistant Chairperson
Project Network Manager Chief: responsible for managing resources including the project team and the overseeing the budget, Chief, Systems Analysis and Security Specialized Network Engineer, Dr. Brian K.Robinson, Data Reliability and Recovery Specialist and Professor of CNS, CIS, Engineering, and Network Departments.
- Software and Network Engineer: Ted Silverman, Manager MDC (CIS Department)
- Software Engineer: Mark Göesel MDC (CIS Department) Application Programmer/Analyst
- Network Engineer: Mohammed Hassan, Professor MDC CED (CIS and CNS Departments)
- Network Technician: Michel, Antoine
- PC Technician: Edgar, Arias
- Consultant: Dr. Kip Irvin Professor MDC, FIU, Systems Programmer and Analyst
- User/Domain Consultant: Alex Ariza, Software/Network Engineer, QA, and Business
- User/Domain Consultant: Charlie Gerez Programmer/Analyst
- Client Support: Evelio Sardinas
- Tester: Felix Geere
Technical Officer: responsible for systems maintenance, software development, and providing technical support to the project team
- Software/Network Engineer: Edward Phillips
Information and Communications Officer: responsible for creating and implementing a dissemination/marketing strategy
- Marketing Engineer: Emelia Simmons
Evaluation: responsible for creating and implementing an evaluation plan
- Network/Project Management Engineer: Pauline Chohonis

Major accomplishments:

2)And I have received the confirmation meeting as schedule. [Complete]

Major accomplishments:

3)It was important to be confirmed the meeting for all of them. We agreed to work together and giving opinions for better successful in this new redesigned network plan for benefiting to all.[Complete]

Major accomplishments:

All steps have been completed successfully.


The decision that I have taken it has been review all planning with priority and sharing all that I have researched. This plan has been designed to be implemented and updated during 5 years and continue to discuss for changing or another improvement.


The feedback and help of Dr. Bender has been enormous. From Dr. Robinson, and other skilled staff, it has been important for continued success in the development of this project, the beneficiaries of it are the students, faculty/staff, and all community colleges.

1) What helpful feedback did you get in the class (instructor, classmates) and outside the class (user, stakeholder, beneficiary, mentor, expert advisor, others)? What did you learn from this feedback?

All of the people involved have been fine, we worked with all of the staff, and begin to use the proper equipment, systems, and software. The beneficiary of this project is Miami-Dade College, all stakeholders, staff/faculty, and students. Miami Dade College is being reorganized from a junior college to a four-year institution and will need to establish a high-performance network infrastructure and services that will support research and educational applications that are not viable on today's congested Internet. The participating proposal would be designed using Internet2 technology; which would become an integral part of the emerging Internet2. In addition, a gigapop and network management center will be constructed at the Miami Dade College, the convergence points for all phase one CollegeNet links. CollegeNet would be engineered to carry not only high bandwidth research traffic, but also commodity traffic destined for the commercial Internet. The State of Florida does not have a dedicated intranet for higher education facilities leaving the burden of the hardware and software networking requirements to the individual institutions. Obtaining WAN connectivity from a variety of providers, has led to a number of problems including unpredictable bandwidth, propagation and network performance into the commercial Internet. With the creation of CollegeNet, both sets of issues will be addressed. CollegeNet would provide an intranet to support current and emerging high bandwidth research applications, while at the same time providing an architecture that will be capable of carrying the institutions' Internet traffic.

2) What resources did you use this week (e.g., people, money, equipment, systems, or software)? Did you add new resources? What was your learning?

Internet, computer room and conference room. MS Office Word and packets. I have learned how people more experienced than I could teach me, and give instruction for implementation of the project.

3) What research did you perform this week that was assisting and/or literature based? What is your findings/learning?

We had met our goals, strategies, and objectives, as laid out in the plan and I will be happy to report that information to the committee.

4) What did you learn this week in general in producing your project?

We have continued in advantageous steps for it to be successful, the support was extremely positive and I felt that the information packets helped prepare the team for the challenges of development anf fruition of this plan.


1) What went well this week? What didn't?

The best observation concerning this week's events concerning the project is that overall everything went according to schedule and nothing had to be rescheduled or postponed. There were no problems this week to report.

2) How well did you stick to your project schedule?

The schedule went perfectly this week as stated above; this is what went well during this week of the project.

3) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?

So far, the project is proceding according to schedule and this schedule has planned into it enough time to handle problems as they occur during each week and this failsafe time can accrue in the event that a major setback occurs. Personally I have learned a considerable amount concerning the management of a very large project in all aspects and feel very well prepared and confident that I can complete the project.

4) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?

Thus far the project appears to be proceeding forward on schedule and no problems have been encountered neither large nor small that directly adversely affect the weekly goals nor any of the project's milestones. I currently believe that there is a low probability that I will have to resort to any of my contingency plans but of course they must be attended and updated because unforeseen obstacles can occur at any time.

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