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Capella University CollegeNET
Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 8

Unit 8 - TS4991

Christine Pena
Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 8: 02/18/05 to 02/19/05


Task 3: schedule meeting for feedback and revision of material that would be implemented.

I have mailed to all personal or staff the final outline. The next scheduled meeting will be to review and provide feedback for all material that will be implemented.

1) Reviewing all stakeholder feedback.

Major accomplishments:

2) Doing additions, corrections or deleting in a necessary case all stakeholders input. [Ongoing]

Major accomplishments:

3) Dr. Robinson and the administrative staff during the meeting have been discussing some adjustments, but the plan has been approved. I have reviewed these changes, and given later with the modifications a copy of the final outline or draft (original and modified) for final approval. [Completed]

The major accomplishment is the approval of the plan.[Completed] Task 3 has been successfully completed. I was concerned about the all changes. Dr. Robinson has met with all staff and reviewed the last time.


At this time, It was not necessary to take major key decisions.


[Answer all questions below.]

1) What helpful feedback did you get in the class (instructor, classmates) and outside the class (user, stakeholder, beneficiary, mentor, expert advisor, others)? What did you learn from this feedback?

Dr. Robinson, Stakeholder
The techniques that I have proposed have been taken in consideration by all staff including Dr. Robinson. We discussed about the implementation and modifications.

2) What resources did you use this week (e.g., people, money, equipment, systems, or software)? Did you add new resources? What was your learning?

The internet, Microsoft Word, Email system, committee members, administrative team, copies for all staff.

Karanjit S. Syan, PhD. (1996).Internet Firewalls and Network Security, Second Edition, Indianapolis, IN New Riders Publishing.

This book was written for system administrators and users who realize the risks involved in connecting a computer to the Internet. When a LAN is connected to the Internet, it is enabling the users to reach and communicate with the outside world. At the same time, it is also enabling the outside world to reach into and interact with the LAN. Firewalls are routers through which the data traffic flows. If intruders attempt unauthorized access to the network, they can be stopped at the firewall which can prevent them from entering any further into the system. This book contains information and procedures for the average networked site and provides an overview of security and TCP/IP. It is very important to understand network security and why it is necessary to limit access to resources. I have taken this book as a reference for implementing more security in our network. It includes how to avoid problems with the software and hardware, setups, speed up a procedure, or perform one of many timesaving and system-enhancing techniques. The book also has helpful strategies for establishing warnings when you run the risk of losing data, locking the system or damaging the hardware, and explains how to avoid losses, and describes the steps for fixing them.

3) What research did you perform this week that was assisting and/or literature based?

I did not perform this week any research nor discover any new literature to use. The main work has been the approval some modifications where later I will give a copy to administration and staff. The literature has been based on the book Internet Firewalls and Network Security, and some members of the team who have more expertise than I.

What is your findings/learning? I added to our final plan the addition of our campus goals and mission statement to the beginning of our technology plan. I obtained the information from our web site and included it in our plan.

4) What did you learn this week in general in producing your project? I cannot believe that we did it! It has been a great project and at the same time it has been a wonderful group of people.


[Answer all questions below.]

1) What went well this week? What didn't?
All went very well, this week has been a successful job. I think that it is going well including the final approval.

2) How well did you stick to your project schedule?
Always is on schedule, because we are working on a schedule that has plenty of flexibility and leeway for unexpected changes.

3) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?
Yes, I was prepared as this unit is requiring in this course. I think that the project is going to be implemented soon.

4) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?
I will not have to resort to my contingency plan.

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