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Capella University CollegeNET
Integrated Action Learning Project - UNIT 9

Unit 9 - TS4991

Christine Pena
Implementation of a Network Plan for Miami-Dade College
Unit 9: 02/20/05 to 02/26/05


Task 4: Include all information for this network plan. Schedule next meeting for presentation to chairperson both departments, and sending via e-mail confirmation of the meeting.

I have included all information for this network plan, and have scheduled the next meeting for presentation to the chairpersons of both departments, and have sent via e-mail the confirmation of the meeting day as scheduled.

After the meeting, all staff involved in this project, and the stakeholder have sent me letters of final approval of completion. Dr. Robinson has recommended me to notice it in our campus website.[In Progress]

Finally, I have sent an E-mail to all committees with a link to the final plan.[Ongoing]

1) Task 4 has been successfully completed.[Completed]

Major accomplishments:

Final approvals of all staff and stakeholders.

Scheduled final meeting with Administration.

Upload the plan to the campus website.


I scheduled a meeting for beginning to implement the plan.


[Answer all questions below.]

1) What helpful feedback did you get in the class (instructor, classmates) and outside the class (user, stakeholder, beneficiary, mentor, expert advisor, others)? What did you learn from this feedback?

I did not receive any feedback from my classmates, but Dr. Bender in each unit gave her feedback which has encouraged me and helped me in doing the questions about my project. These questions make me more conscious of the various situaions and aspects that arise and after answering them, I could see more clearly the points that I need to change. Also Dr. Robinson gave tips for doing this project. He is watching very closely every step of the way. I think in my humble opinion, that this is the best way that I can learn in a real world environment when I have behind me two people (Dr. Bender and Dr. Robinson) who are more involved in my project. Of course, I could not forget about my team where many of them have expertise in the various aspects of this subject. I am always appreciative of the feedback from every body.

2) What resources did you use this week (e.g., people, money, equipment, systems, or software)? Did you add new resources? What was your learning?

I have used Internet, Microsoft Word, Email sytem, Committee members. Also, I am asking for money for buying some material, and of course for licenses for software. There must be an investment in not only the necessary computer hardware and software licenses, but also the need to update them. Many qualified and trained IT professionals will be required to maintain this system and the network needed to keep it all connected.

Local Area Network Design Technologies

  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000-Mb/sec, 802.3ab)
  • Fast Ethernet (100-Mb/sec, 802.3u)
  • Layer 2 Managed Ethernet Switching (802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1q, 802.1ad, 802.3x)

Wide Area Network Design Technologies

  • Frame Relay (Fractional T-1)
  • Leased/Private Line
  • Fiber Optics Carriers (OC-12 multiple redundant backbone)

Other Core Expertise

  • Routing and Switching (Layer 3+ Router/Gateways)
    • Cisco ATM Switches
    • Cisco LAN Switches
    • Cisco Routing Platforms
      Campus LAN designs use switches to replace traditional hubs and use an appropriate mix of routers to minimize broadcast radiation. With the appropriate pieces of software and hardware in place, and adhering to good network design, it is possible to build topologies.
  • Remote Access (RADIUS Servers)
  • Internet Access (Integrated ISP services from the local provider)

Server Security Testing - Hacking

This is a full vulnerability discovery test of the server and Tiered network layers and will be done using external tools and methods in order to accomplish this task. An assessment report will be created after assessment documenting results and areas of concern.

Our Headquarter campus has an existing partnership and support with Cisco Systems, Nortel, IBM, and Microsoft.

3) What research did you perform this week that was assisting and/or literature based? What is your findings/learning?

I have read more books about Networks, Windows 2000 Infrastructure Administration. The book help to be more practical on managing. Discussing the DNS, DHCP, Remote Access, protocols, IP routing and many other topics. The configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring. This book has critical skills and knowledge for implementing and administration.

I continued to review some plans that have been recently posted on our website. Next week, we will check all existing cable infrastructure, because some of them are not in good condition. The connection, and the types of cable the we use for this project are expensive, but it is by far the best choice for using in this type of application. The caling infrastructures are tiered. Intracampus MANs already exist in which the buildings are connected by duplex multimode 62.5µ/125µ fiber optic cables. However, these are leftovers from the old FDDI campus systems that use MIC connectors. The new 1000BaseLX GigEther intracampus backbone can use the cabling but newer MT-RJ connectors must be spliced onto the ends to accommodate the Gigabit interface cards of the modern switches. Room to room the buildings are already have a substantial existing CAT5e UTP infrastructure which can be used to provide 100BaseTX connectivity to individual station wall outlets and so may remain in place.

4) What did you learn this week in general in producing your project?

I think that has been a great week, although very excited and very busy on campus.


[Answer all questions below.]

1) What went well this week? What didn't?

This week has gone very well, our team, the staff, specially Dr. Robinson was one of the persons who was more interested about the approval of the project. I begin to design the graphs for this project. The LAN/WAN for MDC campuses.

2) How well did you stick to your project schedule?

So far there have been no major roadblocks and everything has proceeded as scheduled. The project has continued as planned.

3) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?

I am very well prepared for concluding as required in this course.

4) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?

It has not been necessary to resort to my contingency plan.

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